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Common Technical

Common technical issues in ODL

Platform Access Problem

Difficulty in accessing the learning management system (LMS) or online platform. Login/authentication issues, including forgotten passwords.

Access problem

Access problem with different web browser.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Slow or unreliable internet connections can disrupt the learning process.Limited access to high-speed internet in certain regions or for specific learners.

Server Downtime

Unplanned server outages or maintenance that affect access to online resources Insufficient server capacity to handle high traffic during peak times.

Audio and Video Problems

Poor quality audio or video in online lectures or instructional materials. Incompatibility with audio/video hardware or software.

Online Assessment Challenges

Technical glitches during online exams or assessments.Difficulty in submitting assignments or assessments due to technical issues.

Hardware Compatibility

Incompatibility issues with different devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) and operating systems. Lack of required hardware specifications for running certain learning platforms or applications.